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These are the links to the design previews of democratising.org. All major design decissions are tested there. As the work of the design of this networked blog  hasn´t finished jet, this list is open. If you like to make a design proposal for democratising.org just comment this article with a link to a wordpress.com blog. Previews can be published as public or private previews. Additionally they can be listed as an element of the menu. All previews are considered to be the final design of democratising.org under a free culture license. The judgement process is guided by the form follows function criteria. The content on that website is treated as written in your legal disclaimer. Please add also a link to your legal disclaimer.

Like the following design previews, your design preview is intended for a  later private use. Your preview should have the title and a topic of your own choise, so that you can use it for your own purposes after the deadline of the 15/04/2016. The listed design previews have specific copyrights visible at the sites. The pictures of the websites are free culture.

public previews:


test_one preview 28/3/16 free culture philipp adamik


test_two 28/3/16
test_two 28/3/16 free culture philipp adamik


private preview:


Detailed legal disclaimer:

Licence of this text: free culture by Philipp Adamik 2016

Legal owner of the design previews ©Philipp Adamik 2016. Proudly powered by wordpress.com.

Legal owner of all published texts on all domains listed in this article ©Philipp Adamik 28/4/16. For the legal details of any article see the details there.

f©_preview: open phase nummer one: setting the design of the project page

open phase number one: setting the design of the blog will start on monday. to contribute write a mail to digital_diem25 [at] gmx [dot] de


You will get acces to a hidden blog locking this way:

  1. The first look

Widget on the left side for links, header section for the most recent articels (static or changing see freitag.de), menu at the top

example digital realism one
details widget


details menu
details menu

2 Scrolling down

Section for older articels, widget on the right side

digital realism design two

second menu at the button of the page

provisional: what is democratising.org about?

Stay tuned, a longer introduction to this project will follow soon.

The few posts on this side were mainly published because of seo-reasons (search engine optimisation), but are realted to the topic of this side to democratise diem25 itself first by articulating the will of its members online and to combine it with the intended lokal decission making processes of diem25. This process does not aim to implement another diem25 forum, which should have been online even before the manifesto was published. It is about the implementation of real community based democratic decision making process, which could bind the founders to the will of the members of diem25. This process is intended to be also community based. So if you want to become a part of this process you can start by following digital diem25 on Twitter or WordPress. You can also allready use the comment sections of the articles. We will try to allow every democratic, non racist, non nationalist, non chauvinist comment as soon as posible. digital realism  a networked theory of politics is implementing the digital backbone for this process now.

dd25s final state after day 2
dd25s final stats after day 2