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Philipp Adamik 06/04/2016

democratising.org public domain creative commons licensing system
symbol/ simplified symbol
Creative Commons Icon Licence Acronym Free Cultural Works Remix culture Commercial Use
0©/0c  CC0 icon CC0 1.0 Universal cc0 1.0 Yes Yes Yes
f©/fc  CC-BY-SA icon   cc by-sa Yes Yes Yes
n©/nc  CC-BY-NC-SA icon   cc by-nc-sa
No Yes No
©/c  copyright Copyrighted material No No No
Symbols; Permissions
Free commercial use
free of attribution and sharealike
free of sharealike
Symbols: restrictions
No commercial use
No derrivates



Icon Description Acronym Free Cultural Works Remix culture Commercial use
CC0 icon Freeing content globally without restrictions CC0 Yes Yes Yes
CC-BY icon Attribution alone BY Yes Yes Yes
CC-BY-SA icon Attribution + ShareAlike BY-SA Yes Yes Yes
CC-by-NC icon Attribution + Noncommercial BY-NC No Yes No
CC-BY-ND icon Attribution + NoDerivatives BY-ND No No Yes
CC-BY-NC-SA icon Attribution + Noncommercial + ShareAlike BY-NC-SA No Yes No
CC-BY-NC-ND icon Attribution + Noncommercial + NoDerivatives BY-NC-ND No No No

developed by Philipp Adamik for democratising.org: licene public domain/0©

Licence featured image https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Commons_license#/media/File:Creative_commons_license_spectrum.svg